Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cover Art – Angelic by Kelley Armstrong

Subterranean Press has announced the cover for the Kelley Armstrong novella Angelic, a Women of the Otherworld story. Available in a signed limited leatherbound edition and a fully cloth-bound hardcover edition, the book is due for release in December. A must for Armstrong collectors.
As a half-demon master of the dark arts, Eve Levine isn’t what anyone would call angelic. That’s exactly why the Fates chose her for the job. She’s their secret weapon against the forces of evil. However after five years, Eve is tired of being the designated rebel of the angel corps, expected to break the rules, then penalized for it. When the leaderless djinn stage an uprising, Eve sees the perfect chance to get herself fired. As she plunges deeper into the demon world, though, she realizes she’s in danger of losing a lot more than her job.


  1. Is she the writing fool or what? It seems like everywhere I go I see more and more KA titles. Wowza. Why haven't I read anything of hers? UF chip malfunction!

    Something about this cover is really working for me. I suppose I'm a sucker for the more traditional UF covers.

  2. LOL Kmont. Luckily Kelley was one of my first discoveries when I got into UF. With 3 different series on the go she is one busy writer. Subterranean covers definitely diverge from the mass market publishers and are always unique. I don't always like them but this particular one is really nice.

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