Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Couple of Tidbits

More House of Night Novels
Earlier in the month I reviewed Hunted by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast and wondered if there were any more sequels planned. Today on their blog the Cast's have posted a Q&A that answers that question.
Question: HUNTED doesn't have a page in the back of it that announces the next book! Is HUNTED the last book? Help! Please say it's not the last book!

P.C.'s Answer: Of course HUNTED isn't the last book! I would never leave y'all hanging like that and just quit writing. We've sold twelve books to St. Martin's. I'm not sure how many will follow Zoey and how many will follow Stevie Rae (and Kristin and I have a cool idea for a new YA series not set in the HoN world, too). I promise I won't drag out the series - nor will I cut it off. I'll just tell the stories and see where that takes us. TEMPTED is the next book, and it will be out in the fall, probably around Samhain, which means around Halloween.

Book Store Heaven

One of my commenters posted this link on her blog A Certain Bent Appeal about amazing book stores all over the world. All I can say is wow, I'd love to browse some of these places. Check them out for yourself here. Here is a preview.


  1. Thanks! Great to see a Canadian sci-fi blog.

  2. Thanks for the link to those bookstore photos. There's a great one in Rochester, Minnesota - Barnes & Noble restored the historic Chateau Theater (one of those that's like a castle inside, with a starry sky overhead). It's an amazing place to buy books.

  3. KB you're right that is one heck of a book deal. Most writers would kill for that.

    B.Kienapple happy to have you drop by and thanks for the link!

    Chris thanks for the heads up on the B&N in Minnesota. I found a fabulous Flickr page with some great shots. Check it out here.

  4. Thank you for posting this. I love exchanging bibliophile porn!

  5. Hey, thanks for letting your readers know about the next books, but "the Kristens" is what you call us? I do most the writing, and I'm P.C., and Kristin is spelled Kristin, not Kristen. Just FYI.

    Oh, and the twelve books wasn't one deal. It was several deals, half of which are almost completed. I just summarize for convenience sake.

    That bookstore picture is gorgeous!

  6. Loving the House of Night series ... so always happy to hear different review points.

    O.M.G ... it is bookshop heaven. If I had one of those near me, they'd be charging me rent! *grins*

  7. Princess Allie I can't resist a regular bookstore, but these are amazing.

    PC Cast my apologies, my brain was obviously in neutral when I composed this. I spelled it right one place, wrong another and can't even get the last name right. Gah!! Thanks for dropping by and clarifying about the book deal.

    Hi Wend. I'm glad to know there are more HoN sequels planned now. Was worried for awhile. As for the bookstores, yeah they'd get tired of seeing my mug around too.

  8. Big thanks for the HoN information.

    And I would so love to travel to those book stores from A Certain Bent Appeal's blog (=

  9. Mishel who would have thought to create such awesome environments for books. Now if only my personal library looked those :)


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