Friday, February 27, 2009

Twilight Movie Parody

I still haven't seen the movie but have read the book and this musical style parody of Twilight struck me as pretty damned funny.


  1. The guy playing Edward here is much better that bushy eyebrows in the actual movie.
    What a great video!

  2. This is one of the better parody's that I have seen.

  3. Daya tehy did a good job. Almost a tribute rather then a parody :)

    KB I will have to compare. I think this comes out on DVD next month. Will see then.

    Princess Allie there are other good ones? Got a link?

  4. All I can think is that we would be saved so much angst if she'd taken a page from Buffy and staked the guy. A better ending to the song at least. :o)

  5. Just_Me I guess that would have left Bella with Jacob. LOL.


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