Sunday, February 1, 2009

Science Fiction Book Releases for February 2009

For a comprehensive summary of science fiction book releases for February 2009, visit Walker of Worlds where Mark Chitty provides summaries and covers of the new releases and important re-releases.


  1. Thanks for the link :) As you said earlier, we'll have to see what we can do to cooperate in March's post - any ideas off the top of your head? I'm still trying to think how to best go about it,but I'm sure something will come up :)

  2. Hey Mark we should touch base around the middle of the month. At a minimum it would be good for us to post the same day and of course cross-reference each other. Perhaps add a short "Doug's Picks" and "Marks Picks" or "Favourites" from each of us. Maybe a challenge where I pick one of your titles and do a review and you do likewise. Time permitting of course and lord knows there is never enough of that.


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