Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rent-An-Author - If Only

Check out this really funny piece posted by Lynn Viehl over at her Paperback Writer blog where she makes an unusual business suggestion for writers in these tough economic times...here is an excerpt, but hop on over to her blog for the full monty.
February Special Author Experiences & Events
  • Go to firing range and talk about your love life with Janet Evanovich!
  • Have your little girl make evil button-eyed dolls with Neil Gaiman!
  • Send grandpa to attend church, pray and get arrested for it with Poppy Z. Brite!
  • Discuss about your purpose in life with Rev. Rick Warren (not available for clients with alternative lifestyles.)
  • Have an elegant and intimate dinner with John Updike Tom Wolfe
Group Events:
  • Hot Tub Wine and Cheese Encounter with LKH and nine of her bodyguards! (clothing optional)
  • NEWEST: Twilight Books bonfire and weinie roast with master of horror Stephen King!


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