Monday, February 9, 2009

Preview – “Red Gold Bridge” by Patrice Sarath

Last year one of my favourite debut fantasy novels was Gordath Wood by Patrice Sarath (read my review here). Check out the awesome cover and a preview of the follow-up installment Red Gold Bridge.

Red Gold Bridge
(June 30, 2009)Official Patrice Sarath Website
Read an excerpt.
As a guardian of Red Gold Bridge, it’s Joe Felz’s job to keep the portal closed between worlds. After all, last time it opened, all hell broke loose. But some old enemies are back, and they want to stir things up again. It’s up to Joe to stop them.

When strange things start to happen on her horse farm in New York, Lynn knows it means one thing: the gordath is open and Joe’s in trouble.

Kate just wants to be a normal teenager again. Then General Marthen shows up, and Kate has to choose between two worlds and two fates.


  1. I started to follow your blog a short time ago. So I didn't read your review of GORDATH WOOD. But I did it now.
    To be honest your review and also yur preview sound very promising.
    So I added the books to my to read to buy list. Unfortunately I have a limited budget per year. So I don't think that I can buy them within this year.

  2. Good to know you drop in ediFanoB. These are nice parallel world stories with engaging characters. Hope you like them when you get to them.

  3. Last year one of my favourite debut fantasy novels was Gordath Wood by Patrice Sarath.

    It was pretty much because of this comment that I brought Gordath Wood when I saw it on the shelf in the bookstore. Really enjoyed it (and posted a review on my blog), I am very much looking forward to reading Red Gold Bridge.

    Thanks for letting me know about these books!

  4. madscientistnz you are more then welcome. I enjoyed your review and look forward to the next book too.

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