Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Preview - “Blood Vice” by Keith Melton

Blood Vice by Keith Melton is being released today in eBook format and later in the year in hardcopy. I don't normally review eBooks and for all the usual reasons (don't have an ereader and sitting at the workstation at the end of the day just isn't that much fun). But...after reading the excerpt and reading the blurb, I couldn't resist agreeing to review this urban fantasy-mafia-crimestory. Check it out below. I plan a review in the near future. Gotta love the warning that comes with the blurb -
Warning: Intense, graphic mafia-related violence, profanity, gangster slang, assassinations, fang punctures, explicit vampire sex, betrayal, greed, murder, gangland warfare, pervasive supernatural mayhem, large-scale explosions, and extremely expensive Italian suits.
Blood Vice
The Nightfall Syndicate, Book 1
February 17, 2009

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Mafia hit man. Vampire. The criminal underworld just got a whole lot darker.

Business has never been better for hit man Karl Vance. Boston is awash in mafia blood, and Vance has a certain fondness for blood. He’s a master vampire—one of the most powerful of his kind. Having sworn to never again feed on the blood of innocents, Karl preys instead on Boston’s criminal underworld. Which makes him a valuable asset to those who deal in death.

Maria Ricardi intends to use that asset to its full extent in order to gain power within her patriarchal crime family. Vance thinks he’s been hired to keep track of the family’s princess, but she’s got a plan to get her hands dirty and earn the respect she deserves. And she’s not above using their instant attraction to get what she wants.

That driving ambition draws the attention of a rival clan’s newest and most dangerous “consultant.” Alejandro Delgado, Vance’s centuries-old nemesis. Delgado zeroes in on the one chink in Vance’s armor—his fondness for the headstrong Maria.

When she becomes enslaved by Delgado’s unnatural kiss, only one thing is certain. Vance has to decide which he wants more. To settle the score—or rescue her soul.


  1. The warning definitely made me curious...that along with the yummy cover lol. Put the blurb is good, sounds like it's trying a different spin on the vampire world. That's refreshing. Definitely looking forward to your review on this (=

  2. Mishel the excerpt read like a good crime book about the mob - only with vampires. Sound a little outside the box from the usual UF so I thought I'd give it a try.

    If all warnings were written like that Bella Lee I would buy even more books :)


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