Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cover Art - "Divine Misdemeanors" by Laurell K. Hamilton

The new cover for the next Merry Gentry book was revealed today on Laurell K. Hamilton's blog.
Divine Misdemeanors
Meredith Gentry Book 7
(Oct 27, 2009)


  1. Very S&M feeling cover. Makes sense since it is a LKH read!

  2. Damn man....how did you find that on her blog. I never saw that and I even went back and looked once you posted it. Good eyes.

    I like it. Kind of Anita like more than Merry, but it works.

  3. Hi KB the cover seems stylistically consistent with earlier ones in the series. Can't really say I like them but they are distinctive.

    LOL Jaxon I had to really dig through the LKH's Myspace page to find it but it was there. LKH really should do something to upgrade her blog template. One of my least favourite author templates.

  4. Yummy...I hadn't seen this either! :)

  5. Ladytink LKH seems to be recovering her form so hopefully it is worth waiting for :)

  6. Licking lips....very dark sildhe like.

  7. lisses should be interesting to see where LKH takes the new bokk having wrapped up most of the main story arcs in the last book.


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