Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cover Art - "Bite Marks" by Jennifer Rardin

Orbit Books is continuing their fascinating series on the art of designing winning covers. Here is the newest installment -


  1. I love these covers and these articles on how they do them are probably the most informative I've seen. Looks like a fun job!

  2. They do make good covers, don't they? The last Jaz Parks I read was Biting the Bullet. I really need to get caught up!

  3. I just read the first one in this series and adored it!

  4. Kmont Orbit is doing a great job engaging their readers. Love this kind of stuff. Hope they continue with it.

    One of my favourite series Ladytink but I am behind as well. Haven't had a chance to read One More Bite yet.

    Darla they keep getting better.


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