Friday, January 9, 2009

Vampires Bite Millions in 2008

With vampires being the new Harry Potter of fiction, it is reported that Stephenie Meyer sold over 15 million books in the US in 2008, and that's just in outlets tracked by Nielsen Bookscan, where various editions of her books claimed 9 of the top 50 spots for the year.

Not to be left out, Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse novels dominated many of the top 35 slots on the New York Times best sellers list for the latter part of the year.


  1. If you want to break into the publishing industry, it looks like the best way is to write about vampires.

  2. I can believe that. I'm reading Sookie Stackhouse #7 at the moment, and have about 40+ books just on vampires and supernatural beings in my bookshelves to read!!

    Its been move over scifi and welcome to fantasy.

  3. Vampires, everywhere! *sigh* I broke down & am reading Twilight. So far it's good.

    Also wanted to let you know I've given you the Premio Dardos Award. Thank you for blogging.

  4. Heya~

    So I just wanted to be sure you saw this:

    I'd like you to be included.



  5. Hi Katie it seems vampires are the new black. Patricia over at Patricia's Vampire Notes already lists 9 vamp movies coming out this year. And urban fantasy shows no signs of slowing.

    Bella Lee it wouldn't surprise me if UF and PNR eclipses SF numbers in the next few years especially if more guys start to read it.

    Hi Drey thanks ever so much for the award, it is always a great feeling when that happens. I enjoyed Twilight long before the current craze. Now it seems hard to separate the hype from the reality.

    Hi Diana sure did see the posting and I think that is just an amazing offer of support by you to the review blogging community. And yes I would love to be included. I had planned on getting you the required info this weekend. BTW doing up my review of The Black Ship today as I just finished reading it last night.


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