Thursday, January 29, 2009

Urban Fantasy News and Tidbits

Chris Marie Green’s Second Vampire Babylon Series
Chris Marie Green’s next book in her Vampire Babylon universe and the beginning of a new series is A Drop of Red (Book 4 - 3/09). She has announced the titles of the next two books in the new series Path of Razors (Book 5 – 8/09) and Deep in the Woods (Book 6).

Title Change for Laurell K. Hamilton’s Next Merry Gentry Novel

Tez Says is always ferreting out the coolest book release information. Previously she reported that the next Merry Gentry novel by Laurell K. Hamilton would be titled Sins of the Flesh. Apparently Amazon U.S. is now listing it as Divine Misdemeanors although Amazon UK and CA show the previous title. Still no mention of either title on Laurell’s blog or website.

Designing Urban Fantasy Covers at Orbit
There is a really fascinating piece about the creative process on how a book cover comes to life over at the Orbit Books website. Lauren Panepinto, Orbit’s creative director reveals all the work that goes into a great cover. It showcases the development of the cover for Jennifer Rardin’s next Jaz Parks (a favourite series) novel Bite Marks.

Urban Fantasy Land Readers’ Choice Awards
There is still time to cast your vote in the Urban Fantasy Land Readers’ Choice Awards. You have until midnight January 30, 2009 with the winners being announced January 31, 2009. Lots of great categories. Go show support for your favourite author, book or series.

Some Cool Cover Art

Strange Brew (Anthology)
Edited by P.N. Elrod
Stories by Charlaine Harris, Jim Butcher, Patricia Briggs, Caitlin Kittredge, Rachel Caine, Faith Hunter and more)
July 9, 2009

An Enchanted Season (Anthology)
Stories by Maggie Shayne, Jean Johnson, Nalini Singh, Erin McCarthy
November 2009
Dayhunter by Jocelyn Drake
(Dark Days #2)
May 2009


  1. Princess Allie these collections with an all star line-up of writers are great.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! Strange Brew looks great!

  3. A blog commenter told me that on LKH's forum, the titles are just "placeholders", as she hasn't even written the book yet. Which makes one wonder why Amazon are even listing them now, if they don't even have any details.

    Have a lovely day! :-)

  4. Witches and magic. Should be a good Renee.

    Thanks Tez, that makes sense. Maybe the Amazon employee that updates the listings is a fan and is doing a little wishful thinking in the name department.

  5. Chris Marie Greeeeeen!!! YAY!

    Laurell K Hamilton

    Wow I love ALL of these authors. xx


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