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Review – “Scions: Revelation” by Patrice Michelle

They thought they understood the prophecy. They were wrong.

Caine Grennard was a werewolf, living among humans and lacking purpose--until the night he met a woman with an exotic, irresistible scent. A woman who might be his deadliest enemy.

When her aunt is kidnapped, Emma Gray swears to do anything to get the older woman back. Even if it means trusting the mysterious and sexy stranger named Caine. But more is at stake than one woman's life: Emma's past holds the last key to unlocking a prophecy Caine's clan is depending on. The fate of both their clans rests on them trusting the impossible, electric connection between them, even in the heart of betrayal...
Scions: Revelation is the third book in the Scions paranormal romance series by Patrice Michelle. Revelation takes the werewolves POV as events begun in Insurrection (Book 2) propel the story towards the conclusion of the prophecy. From the final lines -
Layers of deception must be unveiled
For three to become one and peace to prevail.
All three species are on stage for the exciting final act - the vampires, the werewolves and the werepanthers – the “three” of the “three to become one” in the prophecy. Jachin, Ariel, Landon and Kaitlyn all make return appearances from the earlier books, but Revelation is the story of Caine and Emma, the proverbial star-crossed lovers from opposite sides of the species divide.

Caine was Landon’s werewolf second but is now living apart from the pack through choice. He is at risk of become a zerker (half man half werewolf). Because of a strange allure of scent and electricity, Caine and the human Emma cross paths. Neither understands their strange and powerful attraction until it is too late. Emma’s aunt is kidnapped and she enlists Caine’s aid. Together they discover the threat of the werepanthers, the kidnapping and Emma’s dark secret are all connected.

Revelation contains plenty of Patrice Michelle's, by now patented non-stop action and a terrific romance. If anything, Emma and Caine have more hurdles to cross then previous couples in the series, making for great dramatic tension and passionate erotic encounters. The Scions series, to use a well-worn but appropos cliché, is a definite two thumbs up. Although not essential, read the series in order to fully appreciate many of the backstory events and recurring characters.

If you like the series, Patrice Michele has also written a stand-alone novella in the Scions universe called Scions: Perception available as an ebook at eHarlequin, Amazon and Fictionwise.

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AUTHOR AND BOOK SHOWCASEOfficial Patrice Michelle Website

Excerpt from Chapter 1.

Harlequin Nocturne
Published: December 2008
ISBN #: 9780373617876
Format Paperback
Pages: 288

Scions Series:

  1. Resurrection (Jan 2008)
  2. Insurrection (May 2008)
  3. Revelation (Dec 2008)


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