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Review – “Scions: Resurrection” by Patrice Michelle

Everyone believed vampires were extinct. Everyone was wrong.

When Ariel Swanson wrote a novel about vampires, she hoped it would exorcise her fear of the creatures that had, not so long ago, terrorized the human population. Instead, it brought her to their attention. And to the attention of Jachin Black-a man banished from the Sanguinas, a vampire clan, and forced to hunt among the despised humans. For he clung to the prophecy given years ago, of a better way for his kind to live. a prophecy Ariel unknowingly used as the basis of her novel. Ariel hates and fears vampires. Jachin despises humanity. But the prophesy-and passion-bind them in ways they could never have imagined. Ways that may heal the past, and change the future.

Scions: A prophecy reveals hidden secrets and holds the key to fulfilling their ultimate desires.
This is the first book in Patrice Michelle’s Scions series of paranormal romances. I will be reviewing each of the books in sequence beginning with Resurrection. I have to say that the author had me hooked from the get-go with gritty scenes of non-stop action, kidnappings, narrow escapes, assorted murder and mayhem and hot sex. We are quickly introduced to the bad boy leading man, a vampire named Jachin, living among the humans and operating as a killer for hire.

Patrice Michelle has a smooth, fluid story telling style using a minimalist approach to world-building which works well and allows the reader to jump in immediately and follow the rollercoaster action with ease. In a nutshell, Scions was a human genetic engineering project that created vampires for warfare, but decommissioned the project. The vampire’s retaliated but human blood became poisonous and vampires supposedly died out 25 years ago. Unknown to humanity was the fact that vampires created a werewolf species (the Lupreda) as prey for the challenge of hunting them.

The leading lady Ariel has a tragic past having lost her parents, grandparents and brother to the vampire attacks as young girl. Writing a book about vampires was meant to be a catharsis, but instead results in bringing her to the notice of the Sanguinas (vampires) who believe she is the human mate needed by the leader of the vampires to fulfill a decades old prophecy that may save their species. Jachin becomes aware of Ariel in time to thwart her kidnapping by them, but unwittingly reveals the vampires existence. Hunted by his old clan and vampire hunters emerging from retirement, Jachin and Ariel go on the run.

Patrice Michelle uses the basic conflict between our lead characters to great effect constantly forcing them to make choices and face consequences. To accept their mounting passion for one another they must overcome the fundamental cross-species differences between vampire and human, past and present, love and hate. Excellent dialogue characterizes their byplay and is always smart and engaging. As Jachin says several times to Ariel -
“That mouth is going to be the death of you.”
Tension mounts, and the pacing is almost frenetic as we learn more about the prophecy and Jachin and Ariel’s respective roles. The werewolves enter the fray as well and we meet Landon, an outsider from his pack who assists Jachin. They both share an understanding that crosses the boundaries of their species rivalries. Ariel and Jachin’s romance is hot, exciting and believable and yes there is a HEA. Pieces of the prophecy are solved but much remains to be uncovered in the remaining volumes in the series. I had not read anything from the Harlequin Nocturne line of paranormals or from Patrice Michelle, and I have to say Scions: Resurrection delivered an exciting paranormal romance experience that had me devouring it in a single sitting. If you are looking for a new paranormal romance series to start 2009, start right here.

AUTHOR AND BOOK SHOWCASEOfficial Patrice Michelle Website

Excerpt from Chapter 1.

Harlequin Nocturne
Published: January 2008
ISBN #: 9780373617784
Format Paperback
Pages: 283

Scions Series:

  1. Resurrection
  2. Insurrection
  3. Revelation


  1. I really enjoyed this book. How cool to see it reviewed. :) I bought the second book a while back, and now I think I need to bump it up a few notches on the TBR stack.

    Great review!

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  2. Hi Doug,

    Thank you for the thoughtful, detailed review. I'm so glad that you enjoyed Scions:Resurrection.


    LOL, my word verification was "dentes"...kind of appropriate for a vampire story. ;)

  3. Hey Jen the 2nd book is great. Let me know what you think, you should get the 3rd book at the same time :)

    Patrice it is so nice to have you drop by. What a fab series. Would have been a shocker if the word was sanguinas.


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