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Review – “Kitty Raises Hell” by Carrie Vaughn

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. .. except when it doesn't. Kitty and Ben return to their werewolf pack in Denver only to discover an invisible evil that smells of brimstone and plays with fire has followed them home. Stalking the whole pack, it leaves a charred trail of ashes and death cross the city. Kitty seeks help from Rick, the master vampire of Denver, as well as from the paranormal investigators on a popular reality TV show. But when a mysterious vampire who claims to be a demon hunter—and the only one who can help them—suddenly arrives, Kitty and her allies won't be able to predict what he really wants. .. or what they must do to extinguish the terror that can torch them all.
Kitty Raises Hell is the sixth book in the Kitty Norville urban fantasy series and comes hot on the heels of Kitty and the Dead Man’s Hand (Book 5) which hits shelves today (see my review here). Kitty Raises Hell takes up immediately after the events of the previous book. The Tiamat cult uncovered in Las Vegas had left Kitty a warning on her return to Denver and she is now nervously waiting for something to happen. Kitty initially enlists the aid of Rick the Master Vampire of Denver to help find and neutralize the threat.

Soon enough the threat materializes as Kitty and those around her come under direct attack from an invisible entity wielding deadly fire. This eventually leads to a death in the pack and even more deaths in the city at large. This is a high octane adventure, challenging Kitty and her allies to the fullest.

Kitty Raises Hell isn’t entirely devoted to the action. Carrie Vaughn always manages to blend entertaining scenes and story arcs that emphasize her amazing cast of characters in a manner that strengthens the readers’ emotional connection to the story. In particular there is a small story arc in Kitty Raises Hell where Kitty meets the deceased T.J.’s brother Peter; a poignant encounter and reminder of her turbulent history. It also exemplifies a growing positive theme in Kitty’s life - despite her constant state of crises she is fortunate to find herself with a growing circle of friends and allies – her extended ‘family’.

Kitty Raises Hell introduces us to Gary, Jules and Tina, the producers of a paranormal reality show shooting an episode in Denver. While working on a joint project with Kitty the group is attacked. Their search for paranormal truth draws them into Kitty’s world and they become her allies in facing down the Tiamat danger. The author brings these new secondary characters alive with a deft touch and unique personalities.

Odysseus Grant, the mysterious magician from Las Vegas in the previous book also lends his assistance providing research and arcane spells to protect Kitty and company while they do battle. Even Detective Hardin reappears to participate in solving the problem with a demand to be more involved in supernatural affairs now and in the future. This diverse ensemble of endearing characters makes the Kitty adventures sparkle. The author even introduces a deadly new adversary above and beyond Tiamat that I am sure will be making an appearance in the future.

Kitty Raises Hell gripped my attention and wouldn’t let go until the final page - a must read for Kitty fans or anyone that enjoys richly rendered urban fantasy and superlative characters. Kitty Raises Hell will be hitting the stores in just a few weeks - February 24. Back to back Kitty treats. Rowr. A preview of the next and as yet untitled Kitty Norville adventure is included at the back of the book with a 2010 release date.

Note: There is a great guest piece by Carrie Vaughn over at John Scalzi’s blog where she discusses creation of the Kitty Norville series and the most recent book. Check it out here.

No excerpt available yet.

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Grand Central Publishing
Published: March 1, 2009
ISBN #: 9780446199544
Format: Paperback
Pages: 320

Kitty Norville Series:

  1. Kitty and the Midnight Hour (2005)
  2. Kitty Goes to Washington (2006)
  3. Kitty Takes a Holiday (2007)
  4. Kitty and the Silver Bullet (2008)
  5. Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand (Feb 2009)
  6. Kitty Raises Hell (Mar 2009)
  7. untitled Kitty Novel (2010)


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