Thursday, January 8, 2009

Katie Macalister’s Contest for Her Newest Project

Katie Macalister, the author of multiple paranormal romance series, announced in her most recent newsletter, a contest with a really different twist. In her own words -

Yes, it's time for the infamous "What Is Katie Writing Next?" contest! I'm excited to try my hand at something new in the world of romance, and I've decided to share that excitement in the form of a unique contest. But rather than just tell everyone about the new book project, I'm going to let people guess themselves into the dedication of the book. Yes, you read that correctly--you can guess your way into a dedication.

To participate in the contest, you need to visit the contest page from Monday, January 5th through Friday, January 9th. Each day I will post a picture meant to represent some sort of element of the new book genre, and your job is to view the daily pictures, then submit a guess to me no later than midnight on Sunday, January 11th. The official rules are posted on the contest page, and yes, you can submit an entry early if you are happy with your guess.

But that’s not all; the first three names drawn from the "Yay, I guessed correctly!" pool will also receive an advanced reader's copy of the book. Another five people from the "I didn't guess correctly, but it's the trying that counts" pool will also receive an advanced copy of the book.The first 3 pictures are already up so get over there quickly.

If my guess is correct, Katie’s next project is in a fascinating subgenre that I can’t wait to read. Not going to tell you my guess though.


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