Monday, December 8, 2008

Review – “On the Prowl” by Karen MacInerney

Sophie Garou is a master at taming her inner beast, which comes in handy since she’s a werewolf. With a big promotion at work and a supersexy boyfriend, Heath (whom she recently spotted leaving a jewelry store with a beguiling ring box), she’s one happy girl.

But when Heath starts spending long nights at the office with his new associate–a dead-ringer for Career Day Barbie–Sophie smells trouble. And when her professional relationship with her big new client–who also happens to be Texas’s brilliantly blue-eyed most eligible bachelor–begins to sizzle, she wonders if her animal instincts are leading her in the wrong direction. Just when it seems that things can’t get any more complicated, they do. The Houston werewolf pack has sniffed Sophie out, and their message is chillingly clear: you’re either with us or against us. And unless she can prove that she’s with them, the next full moon may just be her last.
On the Prowl is the second outing for Sophie Garou, werewolf and tax specialist in the Tales of an Urban Werewolf urban fantasy series. Sophie has been very careful to keep under the werewolf radar in Austin for twenty years and with On the Prowl that all comes crashing down. Sophie’s apartment becomes werewolf central when it is broken into and trashed by a mysterious were, three terrified werewolf grrls from Texarkana show up asking her to become their alpha, the Houston pack sends her a no excuses welcome invitation and hunky werewolf Tom is back in town. Oh and the Mexican werewolves are trying a takeover of the Texas territory.

On top of this Sophie finds herself with man trouble. Her relationship with boyfriend Heath is shaky and she finds herself strongly attracted to her new client Mark and fights to manage her escalating lust for Tom, the boyfriend of best girlfriend Lindsey. Welcome to the new polyamorous Sophie.

Lots of serious action in On the Prowl, as werewolves are found murdered in Austin and Sophie is coerced by the Houston pack leader into spying on the Mexican werewolf gang resulting in several close calls and eventually leading to her kidnapping. The Texarkana grrls and even Lindsey are drawn into events. Sophie also finally begins to learn many of the werewolf secrets and discovers a few about herself as well.

MacInerney continues to show her aptitude for balancing humour with action. Although the series is called Tales of an Urban Werewolf you might also call it Tales of a Reluctant werewolf as Sophie reflects on her condition with wry and humorous observations. I did find the running gag that continues from the first book about Sophie needing to shave multiple times a day and drink copious amounts of wolfsbane tea to be a tad repetitive. Hopefully this will be scaled back now that we know Sophie better.

By the end of On the Prowl we find that Sophie is definitely in the thick of things and there will be no going back to her quiet, hidden existence, either with the werewolves or with the men in her life. It seems there is plenty yet in store for Sophie and readers of the series.

Random House Publishing Group
Published: November 2008
ISBN #: 9780345496263
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384

Tales of an Urban Werewolf Series

  1. Howling at the Moon (2008)
  2. On the Prowl (2008)
  3. Leader of the Pack (July 2009)


  1. Someone emailed me your urban fantasy book cover parade on YouTube. I love it! Do you mind if I post it?

  2. SQT it was a lot of fun making. I love sharing so go for it. If you haven't checked out the comments on the posting you should. There's some great comments.

  3. I liked the first, but not so much the second. It went down hill as soon as she started being unfaithful. Why do most of these type of books have to descend into bonk fests, with the main heroine usually spreading herself around.

  4. Hey--did Roc send you a copy of the Black Ship? If not, I finally got some copies and will drop one in the mail. Let me know!

  5. Hey Diana thanks for following up. I emailed you.


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