Saturday, December 20, 2008

On the Prowl for a Book Title

Just a little silliness for Saturday. When you read as much urban fantasy and paranormal romance as I do, you tend to notice titles and trends. So when I came across the title for Crystal Jordan’s forthcoming paranormal romance On the Prowl I said to myself, I just reviewed that title by Karen MacInerney and then I remembered last year’s paranormal romance anthology. Not sure why an author or publisher would want to use a title identical to others so recently used and in the same genre.

How important is the title to you when choosing a UF or PNR book?

Can you think of other titles that have been duplicated? Leave some comments and let me know your thoughts.

Coming April 2009


  1. I did notice that coincidence, I think its important to have good titles and great cover art. In this case even though the story is good, it a bit of a turn off to have a repetition of the same titles...

  2. One I ran across recently.

    Once Bitten by Kalayna Price

    Once Bitten, the movie
    Once Bitten, Twice Shy, the song
    Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin
    Once Bitten by Nikki Stafford
    Once Bitten by Laurien Berenson

    Makes searching for info on Price's book difficult.

  3. Tanya good art is always a plus although I think authors have more control over their titles then their art.

    Mullane that phrase sure gets some play. I can see where a newcomer using a popular title would get buried in search engines. Pity.

  4. Well, if you add e-book publishers to the pot, Samhain Publishing also had an anthology titled On The Prowl (

    The original title for mine was actually "Claim Me," but my editor said I need to come up with something a bit sexier because it is erotic paranormal romance. Several long lists of title ideas back and forth, and this was the one my editor chose.

  5. Hi Crystal, yeah I saw that title by Samhain too but didn't include it here because I think it was straight erotic romance. On the Prowl is such a distinctive title which makes it hard to miss. I have to admit some curiosity as to the other titles on the 'long list'. Good luck with the book and if you'd like a review, let me know.


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