Friday, June 6, 2008

Genre Fiction Read in 2008

It's been a busy year: 247 books by 177 authors. 20.3 books per month.

  • Hotter Than Hell
  • My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
  • First Blood
  • Wolfsbane and Mistletoe
Acevedo, Mario
  • The Undead Kama Sutra
Acosta, Marta
  • The Bride of Casa Dracula
Adams, C.T. & Cathy Clamp
  • Timeless Moon
  • Touch of Darkness
Adrian, Lara
  • Midnight Rising
Andersen, Jessica
  • Night Keepers
Andrews, Iona
  • Magic Burns
Andrews, Toni
  • Angel of Mercy
Armintrout, Jennifer
  • All Souls’ Night
Armstrong, Kelley
  • Personal Demon
  • Living with the Dead
  • The Summoning
  • Men of the Otherworld
Arthur, Keri
  • The Darkest Kiss
Asaro, Catherine
  • The Night Bird
Ashley, Amanda
  • Dead Perfect
Banks, L.A.
  • Bite the Bullet
  • Bad Blood
Bardsley, Michelle
  • Because Your Vampire Said So
  • Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home
Bartlett, Gerry
  • Real Vampires Get Lucky
Bast, Anya
  • Witch Blood
  • The Chosen Sin
Battis, Jess
  • Night Child
Bear, Elizabeth
  • Ink and Steel
Benson, Alicia
  • The First Vampire
Black, Jenna
  • Hungers of the Heart
Bishop, Anne
  • Belladonna
  • The Invisible Ring
Black, Jenna
  • The Devil You Know
Blue, Parker
  • Bite Me
Bray, Libba
  • A Great and Terrible Beauty
Brennan, Marie
  • Midnight Never Come
Bretton, Barbara
  • Casting Spells
Briggs, Patricia
  • Iron Kissed
  • Raven’s Strike
  • Cry Wolf
Brook, Meljean
  • Demon Bound
Brooks, Terry
  • The Gypsy Morph
Brothers, Marilee
  • Moonstone
Bujold, Lois McMaster
  • The Sharing Knife: Passage
Butcher, Jim
  • Small Favor
Caine, Rachel
  • Feast of Fools
Carey, Jacqueline
  • Kushiel’s Mercy
Cassidy, Dakota
  • The Accidental Werewolf
  • Accidentally Dead
Cast, P. C. & Kristin
  • Chosen
  • Untamed
Castro, Adam-Troy
  • Emissaries from the Dead
Chance, Karen
  • Embrace the Night
  • Midnight’s Daughter
Cherry, Rowena
  • Knight’s Fork
Clare, Cassandra
  • City of Ashes
  • City of Bones
Cole, Kresley
  • Dark Needs at Night’s Edge
  • Dark Desires After Dusk
Collins, Suzanne
  • The Hunger Games
Cooke, Deborah
  • Kiss of Fire
  • Kiss of Fury
Craig, Jamie
  • Chasing Silver
Davidson, Mary Janice
  • Dead Over Heels
  • Undead and Uneasy
De Lint, Charles
  • Widdershins
Del Franco, Mark
  • Unquiet Dreams
Delacroix, Claire
  • Fallen
Dodd, Christina
  • Into the Flame
Douglas, Carole Nelson
  • Brimstone Kiss
Drake, Jocelynn
  • Nightwalker
Duncan, Dave
  • Children of Chaos
  • Mother of Lies
Francis, Diana Pharoah
  • The Cipher
Frank, Jacquelyn
  • Damien
Frost, Jeaniene
  • On Foot in the Grave
Galenorn, Yasmine
  • Dragon Wytch
Garey, Terri
  • A Match Made in Hell
Gilman, Laura Anne
  • Free Fall
Gleason, Colleen
  • The Bleeding Dusk
Gray, Claudia
  • Evernight
Green, Chris Marie
  • Midnight Reign
  • Break of Dawn
Haddock, Nancy
  • La Vida Vampire
Hallaway, Tate
  • Romancing the Dead
Hamilton, Laurell K.
  • Blood Noir
  • Swallowing Darkness
Handeland, Lori
  • Any Given Doomsday
Hanover, M.L.N. (Daniel Abraham)
  • Unclean Spirits
Harper, Nina
  • Succubus in the City
Harris, Charlaine
  • From Dead to Worse
Harrison, Kim
  • The Outlaw Demon Wails
Hart, Raven
  • The Vampire’s Kiss
  • The Vampire’s Betrayal
Havens, Candace
  • Like a Charm
  • The Demon King and I
Hendee, Barb
  • Blood Memories
Hendee, Barb & J.C.
  • Child of a Dead God
  • Rebel Fay
Henry, Mark
  • Happy Hour of the Damned
Herbert Brian & Kevin J. Anderson
  • Paul of Dune
Hilburn, Lynda
  • Dark Harvest
Hill, Joey W.
  • The Mark of the Vampire Queen
Hobb, Robin
  • Shaman’s Crossing
  • Forest Mage
  • Renegade’s Magic
Howard, Chris
  • Seaborn
Hoyt, Sarah A.
  • Heart of Light
Hunt, Lee
  • The Vampire of New York
Ione, Larissa
  • Pleasure Unbound
Ivy, Alexandra
  • Darkness Everlasting
Jewel, Carolyn
  • My Wicked Enemy
Kantra, Virginia
  • Sea Fever
  • Sea Witch
Kelso, Sylvia
  • Amberlight
Kessler, Jackie
  • Hotter Than Hell
Keyes, Greg
  • The Briar King
  • The Born Queen
  • The Charnel Prince
  • Blood Knight
Kittredge, Caitlin
  • Night Life
Kohler, Sharie
  • Marked by Moonlight
Krinard, Susan
  • Chasing Midnight
  • Dark of the Moon
Kurland, Lynn
  • With Ever Breath
Lee, Jade
  • Dragonborn
Lewis, J. F.
  • Staked
Liu, Marjorie
  • The Last Twilight
  • The Wild Road
  • The Iron Hunt
Love, Kathy
  • Any Way You Want It
MacAlister, Katie
  • Playing with Fire
  • Up in Smoke
  • Zen and the Art of Vampires
MacInerney, Karen
  • Howling at the Moon
  • On the Prowl
McCarthy, Erin
  • Sucker Bet
McDonald, Sandra
  • The Outback Stars
McKillip, Patricia
  • Winter Rose
Marr, Melissa
  • Ink Exchange
Martin, Gail Z.
  • The Blood King
Massey, Misty
  • Mad Kestrel
Mead, Richelle
  • Succubus On Top
  • Succubus Dreams
  • Frostbite
  • Shadow Kiss
  • Storm Born
Meltzer, Brad
  • The Book of Lies
Meyer, Stephenie
  • Breaking Dawn
Miéville, China
  • Un Lun Dun
Meyer, Stephenie
  • The Host
Monk, Devon
  • Magic to the Bone
Moore, Moira J.
  • Heroes Adrift
Morris, Mark
  • The Deluge
Murphy, C.E.
  • The Queen’s Bastard
  • House of Cards
  • Hands of Flame
Musk, Justine
  • Blood Angel
Pagliassotti, Dru
  • Clockwork Heart
Park, Paul
  • The Tourmaline
  • The White Tyger
Pauley, Kimberly
  • Sucks to Be Me
Pettersson, Vicki
  • The Touch of Twilight
Phillips, Holly
  • The Engine's Child
Phillips, Marie
  • Gods Behaving Badly
Phoenix, Adrian
  • A Rush of Wings
Pierce, Tamora
  • Melting Stones
Popp, Robin T.
  • Tempted in the Night
Pratt, T. A.
  • Poison Sleep
  • Dead Reign
Rardin, Jennifer
  • Biting the Bullet
  • Bitten to Death
Raye, Kimberly
  • Just One Bite
Reinke, Sara
  • Dark Thirst
Resnick, Laura
  • Disappearing Nightly
Rhodes, Natasha
  • The Last Angel
Richardson, Kat
  • Underground
Robinson, Spider
  • Very Bad Deaths
Robson, Justina
  • Selling Out
Rose, M.J.
  • The Memorist
  • The Reincarnationist
Rosemoor Patricia & Marc Paoletti
  • The Last Vampire
Rothfuss, Patrick
  • The Name of the Wind
Rowe , Stephanie
  • Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy
Rowen, Michelle
  • Lady and the Vamp
Ruckley, Brian
  • Winterbirth
Russe, Savannah
  • Under Darkness
  • Dark Nights. Dark Dreams
Sagara, Michelle
  • Cast in Fury
Saintcrow, Lilith
  • To Hell and Back
  • Steelflower
  • Hunter’s Prayer
  • Night Shift
Sanderson, Brandon
  • Mistborn
  • The Well of Ascension
Sands, Lynsay
  • Vampires Are Forever
  • Vampire Interrupted
  • The Rogue Hunter
Sarath, Patrice
  • Gordath Wood
Shayne, Maggie
  • Demon’s Kiss
Shinn, Sharon
  • Reader and Raelynx
Sigler, Scott
  • Infected
Silver, Eve
  • Demon's Kiss
Sims, Kassandra
  • Hellbent & Heartfirst
  • Falling Upwards
Smith-Ready, Jeri
  • Wicked Game
Snyder, Maria V.
  • Fire Study
Sparks, Kerrelyn
  • The Undead Next Door
  • All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire
Squires, Susan
  • One with the Shadows
Stenzel, Natale
  • Pandora's Box
Stevenson, Jennifer
  • The Brass Bed
Strout, Anton
  • Dead to Me
  • Mona Lisa Craving
Talmadge, C.L.
  • The Scorpions Strike
Teglia, Charlene
  • Wicked Hot
Thurman, Rob
  • Madhouse
Traviss, Karen
  • Crossing the Line
  • The World Before
  • Matriarch
  • Ally
  • Judge
Vaughan, Elizabeth
  • Dagger Star
Vaughn, Carrie
  • Kitty and the Silver Bullet
Viehl, Lynn
  • Evermore
  • Twilight Fall
Vincent, Rachel
  • Rogue
Walker, Shiloh
  • Through the Veil
Ward, J.R.
  • Lover Enshrined
Warren Christine
  • Walk on the Wild Side
  • One Bite with a Stranger
Weldon, Phaedra
  • Spectre
Wellington, David
  • 99 Coffins
West, Michelle
  • The Hidden City
Westerfield, Scott
  • Uglies
  • Pretties
  • Specials
  • Extras
Whiteside, Diane
  • Bond of Darkness
Wilks, Eileen
  • Night Season
Willett, Edward
  • Marseguro
Wilson, Eric
  • Field of Blood
Windsor, Anna
  • Bound by Shadow
Wright, Susan
  • To Serve and Submit
  • A Pound of Flesh


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