Saturday, November 22, 2008

Winners - "Gods Behaving Badly" Book Giveaway

I am very pleased to announce that the following commenters have been randomly selected (using Research Randomizer) to win a copy of Marie Phillips "Gods Behaving Badly".
Catherine Karp


Winners please email me with your mailing information so that the lovely folks at Hachette Book Group can get those out to you ASAP.

Thanks to everyone that participated. Here's a link to the original contest.


  1. I love randomly winning books! I'm the type of reader that envies people with a to be read pile. I read too fast lol.
    I emailed my info, thank you!

  2. Got the info. Lots of contests out there so keep entering. I'm trying hard to round up the right books here and hope to have more contests in the future.

  3. many Thanks..can't wait to get the book.

    I just finished reading Any Given The plot is great, however the sexual scenes are dark.
    I understand that it's needed to set up everything else that unfolds ...I'm interested to read the next book, Doomsday can wait. I'd like to see how the author will set up Liz with her growing powers.

    The book is action packed and a different avenue for the sci-fi genre. At 1st I had comparisons with C.E. Murphy's, series The Walker Papers there are certain similarites...

    -Such as both characters had dormant powers that were awakened by a death.

    -both work or worked as officers

    -when they sleep they speak to their guides

    But that's where it stops both books veer off differently. I just started reading Underground, I'll give you my take once I'm done..

  4. Hey Tanya, yeah I kind of glossed over the sex scenes in my review as they worked as part of the dark theme of the book but you couldn't actually say that they were consensual which could be a big minus for some readers. Interesting comparison to the Walker Papers. I hadn't thought of that. Hope you are enjoying Underground. I do like Kat Richardson's stuff. Very original.


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