Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Review – “Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home” by Michelle Bardsley

It's only because of my work as a paranormal investigator that I, Libby Monroe, end up in a town like Broken Heart, Oklahoma, chasing down bizarre rumors of strange goings-on—and finding vampires, lycanthropes, and zombies. Oh, my!

I never expected to fall in lust, but sexy vampire Ralph Genessa is too irresistible. The fact that he's the loving father of twin boys drives the nail into my coffin and wins my undying love. And you know what they say: Home is where the heart is. Only this town is being torn in two by a war between the undead, and I may be the only thing that can hold Broken Heart together.
The denizens of Broken Heart Oklahoma are back in their fourth appearance in this paranormal romance romp. Libby is a paranormal investigator looking into rumours that Broken Heart might be a hotbed of paranormal activity. You have to love a story whose opening scene involves a paranormal investigator being attacked by vampires and dragons and being rescued by zombies and vampires. Sounds crazy, but it works. Libby’s situation and dialogue also had me laughing out loud numerous times in just the first few chapters.

As a result of the attack, the soul of one of the dying dragons is split between Libby and Ralph, the vampire that rescued her, giving both of them dragon powers limited to the control of fire. This makes them the target of external enemies that want to recapture the soul and the powers that go with it. Broken Heart becomes a battleground.

Amongst all of this turmoil Libby and Ralph succumb to their mutual attraction. Libby and Ralph are nicely rounded characters and the romance seems inevitable and natural. All of the key Broken Heart regulars from past books in the series make an appearance and are part of the defense of the town.

For those that like their action, there are plenty of skirmishes with the dragons and assorted destruction and mayhem about town. Depictions of Libby and Ralph learning and using their dragon abilities are interesting and well done.

Do the good guys triumph? Does the vampire get the dragon girl? Grab Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home for another light-hearted and fun excursion to Broken Heart. Another return visit is due next year called Over My Dead Body.


Read an excerpt from Chapter 1

Penguin Group
Published: November 2008
ISBN #: 9780451225504
Pages: 320

Broken Heart Series

  1. I'm the Vampire, That's Why (2005)
  2. Don't Talk Back to Your Vampire (2007)
  3. Because Your Vampire Said So (2008)
  4. Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home (2008)
  5. Over My Dead Body (2009)


  1. I bought I'm the Vampire, That's Why when it first came out but I never managed to get around to reading it lol.

  2. Books in this series are just right when you want a fun easy read. Everyone is a character and the situations humorous.

  3. I have this one to review too... (too much of a good thing to be sure).

  4. hi naida they do stand out from the usual paranormal covers. The series is a lot of fun.

    Hey SQT thanks for dropping by. I'll be sure to check it out once you've posted.


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