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Review - “Demon Bound” by Meljean Brook

Among the Guardians, Alice Grey is known as the Black Widow—a woman trapped in a web spun by the demon Teqon. To save her soul, she agreed to deliver to Teqon the heart of the oldest and most powerful Guardian of all, or else be damned for eternity. After more than a hundred years, Teqon is calling in his debt.

Jake Hawkins is a novice Guardian whose gift of teleportation could be invaluable to Alice in determining her next move. But in aligning himself with her he never expected to fall in love. Now, their passionate flight to escape Alice’s damnable bargain is threatening both their souls. For they’re about to discover a hellish secret about the Guardians—something that will change their universe forever.
Demon Bound is the fourth novel in the Guardian series. Each Guardian book is a powerful blend of action and romance, but it is the romance that hooks me every time with this series. Brooks takes the time to let the attraction between the characters build scene by scene as they discover little details about one another. Over the course of the novel the little pieces add up to a full blown courtship.

Alice Grey is a wonderful quirky character with a fearsome reputation among the novices. She is intelligent and strong, but at the same time lonely and fragile. Her back story reveals the events and reasons for her circumstances and is part of the mystery that appeals to Jake. Jake is fascinated and challenged by the mystery and reputation of the ‘Black Widow’ and uses their current mission as an excuse to spend time with her and seek her affections. Both Jake and Alice display a penchant for barbed wit which provides some sharp dialogue and very funny situations.

Demon Bound continues to unravel the mystery of Michael and the relationship between the Demons and origins of Michael as the first Guardian. Jake and Alice are primarily responsible for revealing this new information as they chase down temples that mysteriously appear and disappear. The temples are links to the past with important clues with direct bearing on the battle between the forces of good and evil. Unfortunately the Nephilim are also seeking this information leading to some life threatening confrontations for the duo. Their journey even leads them directly to Hell and uncovers an unanticipated secret.

As with most series, it is preferable to have read prior books mostly because of the recurring characters and occasional references, however Brooks conveniently provides a forward called ‘The Origin of the Guardians’ which I feel is sufficient for new readers to understand the basis and background for the series. Frankly it also helps familiar readers refresh their recollections and makes it easier to slip into the current story after the lengthy gap between novels. I wish more authors would take the time to provide recaps at the beginnings of their series novels.

Demon Bound is one of my favourite urban fantasy romances of the year and I highly recommend it.

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Penguin Group
Published: November 2008
ISBN #: 9780425224533
Format: Paperback
Pages: 336

The Guardians Series

  1. Demon Angel (2007)
  2. Demon Moon (2007)
  3. Demon Night (2008)
  4. Demon Bound (2008)
  • "Falling for Anthony" in Hot Spell (2005)
  • "Paradise" in Wild Thing (2007)
  • "Thicker Than Blood" in First Blood (2008)

Meljean Brook has a Primer on her website with helpful backgrounders on earlier books and characters. Useful to readers new to the series as well as a refresher for regular readers.


  1. Doesn't Meljean's series keep getting better and better. Love Jake and Alice together. Can't wait to see what happens to Michael.

  2. I'm a sucker for a good romance and Meljean tells a story that makes the characters come alive. Loved the Alice character, especially the cackle.

  3. The cackle is awesome, I swear I don't know how Meljean comes up with these details that make everything so much better and rich!

    This book in on my top 10 of 2008.

  4. I think I'd like to read this one!

  5. Hi Ana, I agree that the details are often what distinguishes an OK book from a truly engaging one. It's on my Top 10 list too.

    Lady_tink you won't be disappointed. Let me know what you think if you get a chance to read it.

  6. I love a good novel series, I'll have to check this one out.

    Logan Lamech

  7. I have yet to pick this one up, even though I've been looking for it since it supposedly hit stores. I'm really surprised that B&N doesn't buy more of her books - she's an amazing writer with an obvious future. Yet, I can never find them! I shall perservere. I'll order it if I must, because your review confirms I'll love it as much as I did the last.

  8. Gwen Meljean will be on my top ten for 2008 list when I prepare it later this month. Not sure how well the stores here in Canada stock as I do most of my ordering over the internet.


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