Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Tour of My SF&F Library

A while ago Hagelrat tagged me to show some pictures of my book collection so after digging my camera out here is a sampling of my SF&F library. Could be tidier but who has the time. Nothing from my paranormals collection here which I will do another day. Click the pictures for larger views.

SF&F from A to Z
(Hardcovers bottom two rows, paperbacks above)

Some digest magazines and Ace Doubles

Oversized SF magazines

SF Reference Books

Anthologies and chapbooks

More SF digests

A sampling of hardcovers

More hardcovers

Some SF Authors I Have Met
(1st row - Randall Garrett, Poul Anderson, Frederik Pohl, 2nd row - Larry Niven, Robert Silverberg, L. Sprague de Camp, 3rd row - Alan Dean Foster, Lester Del Rey, Frank Herbert)

More SF Authors
(1st row - Jack Williamson, Fritz Leiber, Don Wollheim, Hal Clement, Mack Reynolds, 2nd row - Isaac Asimov, 3rd row - Dinner with A.Bertram Chandler, Hugos, Forrest J. Ackerman, 4th row - Harlan Ellison)


  1. Wow, that is one huge and organized collection! :)

  2. I am bereft of words and utterly speechless. You lucky dog!

  3. Oh. My. God...

    It's like I saw a tiny little glimpse of Heaven!

  4. whoa! GM's right, when I die I want to go there!!!

  5. Thanks for the kind words. I am proud of my library and of course it does reflect over 30 years of collecting...

  6. I was away for two days, but I came here as soon as I could. And
    you got to be kidding me :) It looks like a public library rather than a personal one ;)
    I'm just kidding. It is an absolutely lovely library. I just talked to a couple of aliens and they will just extract your library and bring it to me ;)

    Thank you very much for the link on your blogroll. I added you to mine too :)

  7. I am on the watch for those book-rustling aliens dark_wolf.

    Ladytink_534 my friends no longer like to help when I have to move...

  8. To be in such a room would be like dying and going to heaven!!!

    I am so jealous!

    I am so happy for you!

    I can hardly catch my breath.

    I speak as a reader and librarian.

    This is awesome!

  9. Thanks Patricia. As a librarian you would also appreciate the Merril Collection of Science Fiction in Toronto. An amazing place.

    Wired magazine has a wonderful article on a fantastic personal library here.

  10. Wow, what a collection! If I ever read that many books, never mind about own them, I'll consider myself very lucky :)

  11. The product of years of scouring used book stores and convention dealers tables. Even read some of them too :)

    BTW thanks for the addy to your Blogroll. Added you here as well.

  12. No problem - thanks for the add to yours too :)

  13. I am saving this page to show my Partner every time he complains that I have too many books! LOL.

    I just found your blog and am adding you to our blogroll! : )

  14. Wow! I just came across this post. What a collection! I can't believe that you've met Frank Herbert. That has to have been the ultimate.

  15. I have had the pleasure of meeting many SF&F authors over the years and I have always found them gracious and approachable. Meeting Herbert (and getting books signed) was a treat.

  16. Holy. O.O

    I've never clicked on this post. Holy...

    That's a Mecca of books, man. To say I'm in awe might sound cliche. But I am.

    Holy holy holy...

    Hold on, gotta go mop up the drool.

  17. KMont how's the drool containment coming along. LOL. Seriously though that's a geeky lifetime of collecting although the pictures don't include my paranormal and urban fantasy collection which is at least another 700-800 books. More pictures coming soon.

  18. I came back just to drool again! Seriously, looking at people's awesome libraries is lifting my spirits lately. Long live geekdom.

    I cringe though too because I think of all the books I haven't been able to keep over the years due to lack of space.

    Can't wait to see more pics!

  19. Found this while googling for ideas for my home library. Wow! I love it for both it's simplicity, and the fact that it's about 10x bigger than my collection. It looks like a favorite used book store/hangout.

  20. Thanks Eyeball. I've been at it awhile and I do love my books. My friends call it a bookstore too, especially the times they have helped me move.

  21. @scifialex: OMG!!! your sci-fi library is my idea of heaven!!! when I die, do you mind if my ghost hangs around there so I can read it all?

  22. I'm freaking jealous.

    My collection is probably a third of yours or less. Maybe a quarter.

    I've got 5 huge bookcases packed with almost entirely paperbacks (and overflowing), but my bookcases aren't quite as big as yours. Fewer shelves to the case.

    Is that your basement? I've got my library in a spare bedroom.

  23. Congrats on the awesome (and organised) collection.

    One thing tho' - on every caption, you refer to the One High Literature as 'SF&F', yet you have landed yourself with the ghodawful handle of 'scifiguy'...

    Scifi is an awful contraction and must be banned.

  24. What % are signed? Also if you have a first edition of Dune I would love to borrow it!

  25. The one guy wants to go there when he dies? Come on, man. That library doesn't need dead guys. When you die, if you go there, it's no longer a bad-ass library--it's now a mausoleum. Books and a dead guy. Just perfect.

  26. That is amazing, I am so jealous.

  27. Anonymous I'll see if I can write that clause into my will :)

    Anonymous yeah that's a room in my basement. I have another room not shown (a converted bedroom for the urban fantasy books). Collecting is a bit of an obsession...

    badger42 I'm old enough and paid my dues enough to get away with it. After all "Science fiction and fantasy guy" just doesn't have the same ring to it. It's all about the brand.

    Alec I do have signed edition of Dune but it is not a first. I probably have 500-600 signed books out of them all

    Anonymous when I'm gone I don't think I'll care :)

    Thanks Anonymous !

  28. my god... it's full of stars!

  29. Holy am I just seeing this? Where do you keep them all? If this is your basement, I am in awed.

    My husband would shoot me if I ever amassed this many. We've only been in our first house for a year and moved quite a bit before this and he complained about my little library. I do not envy you if you ever decide to move.

  30. Jackie it is indeed in my basement. I have a dedicated 20' x 12' room for the books but it DOESN'T include the 1000+ new UF and PNR books I have accumulated the last few years. I have another room upstairs for that. *grin*

    As for moving, when I moved to the current digs my friends made it clear it was the LAST time they would help me move. I don't blame them.

  31. OMG...I thought that was a bookstore you were showing...totally amazing :)

  32. O.o
    If I ever went in there, I wouldn't be able to leave.
    So lucky!

  33. Wow! Your collection is *amazing*, and so organised! Total book heaven :-)

    Suzanne McLeod (who can't remember her password to log on *sigh*)

  34. Ana I am pretty sure I have a few guests down there still wandering around... lost...

    Suzanne it is my pride and joy!


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