Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Findings

Artist Interview – J.K. Potter
Check out Genreville’s interview with illustrator J.K. Potter who recently completed a cover for the Subterranean Press collection of steampunk stories by James P. Blaylock.

Mashup Serialization at
A rather unusual science fiction multimedia project is up and running at From the producers introduction -
For the last eight years, underground content creator, PantherRun Productions LLC has been working on a new form of SF/Horror entertainment for the web called The Deadbooks Project. With the help of 30 actors and about 40 musical groups from almost as many countries, they're taking a novel and transforming it into something that has yet to be seen on the Net. It's not really a novel anymore, but nor is it a movie, nor an old-time radio show, though it contains attributes of all those story-telling techniques. It's called a Hyper-Serialization. Web-launch of the first 10 hour season is now.
Recruiting Science Fiction Readers
Heather from The Galaxy Express is guest blogging at with a funny and insightful article on how to encourage non-SF readers to give it a try. The article is called Green Eggs & Ham (you’ll find out why when you visit).

Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson Books Optioned for Movies

I know this was announced awhile ago but I hadn’t seen it posted until I came across it in the Orbit newsletter. The original press release can be found at Publishers weekly. Patricia's Mercy Thompson series is awesome and would make a great film.

Subterranean Press Announces New China Mieville Novel

In its newsletter this week Subterranean Press announced that they will be publishing the limited edition of the major new novel The City and the City by fantasist China Mieville.


  1. Thanks so much for linking to my Tor piece--you're the best!


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