Thursday, September 4, 2008

“Sea Fever” by Virginia Kantra


A desire for life...Regina Barone knows something is missing from her life. She spends her days working in her mother's restaurant on the Maine island of World's End and her nights caring for her young son. When the island's only eligible bachelor marries another, Regina realizes that the love she yearns for isn't just going to appear by magic. Or is it?

A denial of blood...Dylan Hunter has returned to World's End for his brother's wedding, but he is troubled by his human ties. Years ago, he chose his life as a selkie - an immortal being of the sea - over the fragile and treacherous emotions of humanity. The same emotions that destroyed his family, and that will strike at his very heart...

A danger to both...Neither Regina nor Dylan can control their attraction to each other - or foresee its disastrous consequences. But their destiny has been foretold, and their fate will be decided in the stormy tides of water and fire, where only love can save them - and the world!
Sea Fever, the middle book in the Children of the Sea trilogy resumes where Sea Witch left off. It begins with Cal and Maggie’s wedding. Cal’s selkie brother Dylan attends the wedding. An encounter with Regina generate some sparks.

This potent love story was a pleasure to read and concluded all too soon. Kantra seems to write effortlessly of the intricacies of the human heart and observing Dylan’s blossoming infatuation and eventual consuming love for Regina is splendidly done especially given the mismatched pair they are in the beginning.

Dylan arrives on the island on a mission for his selkie Prince because of the ongoing presence of the demons on World’s End and the need to uncover their intent. The situation becomes more desperate when we learn that there is an age-old prophecy about the Hunter siblings mother. It predicts that a granddaughter would be destined to forge a new balance between the children of earth, fire, air and sea.

Regina becomes pregnant by Dylan and suddenly she and her unborn child are a target. Several scenes in which Regina is victimized by a demon possessing innocent island residents are absolutely mesmerizing. In a particular sequence occurring in a cave, the passages are so descriptive you can almost taste Regina’s terror and claustrophobia.

Both Cal and Maggie from Sea Witch continue to play important roles in the story and additional clues are revealed about Lucy to tease us for the trilogies upcoming conclusion. This series should be high on the radar for anyone that enjoys paranormal romance.

Read the first chapter.

Sea Lord is Lucy’s story and concludes the Children of the Sea trilogy. It's coming in May 2009.

Read my review of Sea Witch from last month.

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  1. Hmm... I haven't read this one yet, even though Sea Witch is on my keeper-readitagain shelf. I will hopfeully get back around to it these soon, maybe afer the third one comes out so I don't have to wait. ;)


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