Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Findings and Other Accumulated Goodies from the Week

True Blood
The TV series has been renewed for a second year after only 2 episodes which is good news. Good to see HBO is committed to the series. The tough part is only getting 10 episodes this season and having to wait until next summer for another 10. Sigh.

You can read the full press release on the True Blood site.

Orbit Books Contest

If you are a subscriber to their newsletter they are running a contest for three people to win a complete set of their September releases.
To enter the contest, simply send an email to (with the subject: 'September 2008 Orbiteer Sweepstake') and tell us the answer to the following question:

Q: What was the first Charles Stross title published by Orbit in the UK?
A: Accelerando
B: The Jennifer Morgue
C: Singularity Sky

The closing date for entries is Friday October 17th 2008, and the winners will be notified by email w/c October 20th 2008.

Free Ebooks at is offering a new free ebook each month for registered members and they are kicking off the program with two offerings – Emma Bull’s War for the Oaks and Will Shetterly’s Dogland. Check them out here.

Kelley Armstrong Darkest Powers Newsletter
The first issue of The Darkest Powers newsletter came out this week devoted to her new YA series about Chloe Saunders that started with The Summoning. There is a sneak peak available of the sequel The Awakening if you go to and click “My Locker” and then click the “uncorrected proof” sheet.. If you missed the newsletter you can get it here.

New Cherie Priest Novel from Subterranean Press

Those Who Went Remain There Still
Release Date: December 2008
Illustrations: Mark Geyer
Trade: fully cloth-bound hardcover edition $25
Limited: 200 signed numbered copies, with a chapbook of additional exclusive material $40

Heaster Wharton is dead, and his passing might mean an end to hostilities between the Manders and the Coys. If the the elderly patriarch showed the kindness and foresight to split his land cleanly between his feuding descendants, then a truce could be arranged.

But his final request is a strange one, delivered across the country to the straggling remnants of his tribe. Representatives from both families must visit a cave at the edge of his property in the hills of Kentucky. There, he promised, they would find his last will and testament.

But there's more than paperwork waiting underground, as vindictive old Heaster was well aware.

In 1775, Daniel Boone and a band of axe-wielding frontiersmen struggled to clear a path through the Cumberland Gap into the heart of Bluegrass country, and they did not work unopposed. Hounded and harried by an astonishing monster, the axe-men overcame the beast by sheer numbers and steel. They threw its body into a nearby cave.

It was not dead.

And now, it is not alone.

Crippled and outraged, for 100 years something terrible has huddled underground, dreaming of meat and revenge. But its newest callers are heavily armed, skeptical of their instructions, and predisposed to violence.

With their guns and their savage instincts, Heaster's grandchildren will not make for easy pickings.

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