Tuesday, September 2, 2008

“The Deluge” by Mark Morris

It came from nowhere. The only warning was the endless rumbling of a growing earthquake. Then the water came—crashing, rushing water, covering everything. Destroying everything. When it stopped, all that was left was the gentle lapping of waves against the few remaining buildings rising above the surface of the sea.

Will the isolated survivors be able to rebuild their lives, their civilization, when nearly all they knew has been wiped out? It seems hopeless. But what lurks beneath the swirling water, waiting to emerge, is far worse. When the floodwaters finally recede, the true horror will be revealed.
The Deluge follows in the fine tradition of British post-apocalyptic novelists such as John Christopher (No Blade of Grass) and John Wyndham (Day of the Triffids) and delivers a taut science fiction thriller that not only includes global devastation but alien invasion. On the publishers website Morris cites the influence of a mid-seventies BBC television series called Survivors “about the travails of a disparate band of Brits who survive a biological pandemic that, within days, wipes out 99% of the world’s population”. This series created by Terry Nation (later of Blakes Seven fame) similarly credits the influence of Christopher and Wyndham.

Here the pandemic has been replaced with a flood of biblical proportions coming and going in just three days. Only those people at the top of high buildings or elevations survive. Single parent Steve and his young daughter Abby set out on a expedition from London to Scotland to reunite with his ex-wife and son, along the way collecting more survivors.

Already challenged by limited food supplies, suitable shelter and confronted with other more aggressive survivors, Morris further stacks the deck against our travellers by tossing in an insidious alien menace.

As they say it’s the journey not the destination that matters. The Deluge contains all the ingredients needed for an action-packed, gut-wrenching adventure; a diverse cast of interesting characters, harrowing escapes and traumatic losses. And of course there is the central mystery of the aliens’ origins and the cause of the flood.

Do Steve and Abby and their friends survive, will mankind survive, and are the aliens defeated? Get a copy of The Deluge and enjoy some apocalypse.

Read an excerpt here.

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