Thursday, September 25, 2008

Book Releases for October

Here is a partial list of forthcoming Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and Paranormal books to look forward to in October. Reviews coming as time and budget permits. Note I have included some items from September that I missed from last months list (flagged with an *).

S c i e n c e   F i c t i o n

Check out the Locus page for forthcoming titles. Coverage through June of 2009.

F a n t a s y ,   P a r a n o r m a l
&   U r b a n   F a n t a s y

  • Blood Lite by Jim Butcher, Charlaine Harris, Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Mysteria Lane by Gena Showalter, P. C. Cast, Mary Janice Davidson, Susan Grant
  • The Magical Christmas Cat by Lora Leigh, Erin McCarthy, Nalini Singh, Linda Winstead Jones
  • Wolfsbane and Mistletoe by Charlaine Harris, Keri Arthur, Patricia Briggs, Karen Chance, Carrie Vaughn
  • All I Want For Christmas is a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks
  • Between Light and Dark by Elissa Wilds
  • Blood Memories by Barb Hendee
  • Chalice by Robin McKinley*
  • Intimate Beings by Jessica Inclán
  • Irreversible by Liz Maverick*
  • Magic and the Modern Girl by Mindy Klasky
  • Naughty or Nice by Sherri Erwin
  • Night Falls Darkly by Kim Lenox (Shadowguards #1)
  • Night’s Master by Amanda Ashley
  • Red Fire by Deidre Knight
  • The Chosen Sin by Anya Bast
  • Veiled Truth by Vivi Anna

For those of you that like to follow series I have split off series novels separately from standalones.
  • Angel’s Pain by Maggie Shayne (Wings in the Night #2)
  • Backup by Jim Butcher, Mike Mignola [Harry Dresden Novella)
  • Bite The Bullet by L.A. Banks (Crimson Moon #2)*
  • Bond of Darkness by Diane Whiteside (Texas Vampires #3)
  • Brimstone Kiss by Carole Nelson Douglas (Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator #2)
  • Caine Black Knife by Matthew Stover (Caine #3)
  • Cast In Fury by Michelle Sagara (Elantra #4)
  • City Of Jade by Dennis L. McKiernan (Mithgar series)
  • Crusade by Taylor Anderson (Destroyermen #2)
  • Dark Harvest by Lynda Hilburn (Kismet Knight #2)
  • Dead Reign by T. A. Pratt (Marlaverse #3)
  • Ex-Kop by Warren Hammond (Kop #2)*
  • Foundation by Mercedes Lackey (Valdemar series)
  • Half A Crown by Jo Walton (Alt History #3)*
  • Heart and Soul by Sarah A. Hoyt (Magical British Empire #2)
  • Hunter’s Prayer by Lilith Saintcrow (Jill Kismet #2)*
  • King of Sword and Sky by C.L. Wilson (Tairen Soul #3)*
  • Living With the Dead by Kelley Armstrong (Women of the Otherworld #9)
  • Mercury’s War by Lora Leigh (Feline Breed #16)
  • Midnight's Daughter by Karen Chance (Dorina Basarab #1)
  • Steelflower by Lilith Saintcrow (Steelflower Chronicles #1)*
  • The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insiders Guide by J. R. Ward
  • The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn #3)
  • The Knight of the Red Beard by Andre Norton & Sasha Miller (Cycle of Oak, Yew, Ash, and Rowan series)*
  • Two to the Fifth by Piers Anthony (Xanth #32)
  • Untamed by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast (House of Night #4)*
  • Up In Smoke by Katie Macalister (Silver Dragons #2)
  • Welcome to the Jungle by Jim Butcher (Harry Dresden #11)
  • Your Magic or Mine by? Ann Macela (Magic #3)


  1. You do realize some of these came out in September, right?

  2. Thought I had double checked them all but I guess I'd better recheck. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Blood Lite, Wolfsbane & Mistletoe, Living with the Dead, and The Black Dagger Brotherhood are the ones I want!!!

  4. In addition to your list I would add Bond of Darkness, Cast in Fury, Up in Smoke and Welcome to the Jungle.

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