Sunday, July 20, 2008

“Twilight Fall” by Lynn Viehl

Immortal Darkyn Lord Valentin Jaus and landscape artist Liling Harper are two lost souls. Brought together by fate, bound together by passion, Valentin and Liling find solace in each other's arms. But the ties that bind them are deeper—and more dangerous—than either of them can possibly imagine...
This the sixth book in Lynn Viehl’s successful Darkyn series continues to advance the story arc of the ongoing conflict between the Brethren and the Darkyn. The Brethren are a secret cabal within the Catholic Church dedicated to eradicating the Darkyn, former Knights Templar turned vampire. The Brethren have another more secret agenda yet to be fully revealed.

As with other installments of this paranormal series, the central theme features one of the Darkyn lords finding and meeting their future sykenesis, or mate. In this case Valentin Jaus first introduced in Private Demon is still recovering from his loss of Jema and the loss of the use of his arm until he meets Liling. Liling has a secret with hidden connections to the Brethren and has been hiding but now is exposed and being tracked by a merciless assassin. On a flight from Chicago to Atlanta Jaus’ private airplane crashes in the Florida wilderness and both he and Lily fight for survival. The countdown is on while the assassin, Darkyn rescuers and other Brethren factions all search to find them first.

Alexandra and Cyprien play a role as they have in all previous installments as Alexandra continues her investigation of the secret of the Darkyn infection that makes them vampire and searches to unravel the connections between her past, the Brethren and the other recently turned sykenesis’ of the other Darkyn lords including Liling.

Lots of other subplots abound leaving plenty of fodder for the next book in the series Stay the Night in January 2009. Recommended for fans of paranormal romance with a large dash of action and adventure.

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