Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Tempted in the Night" by Robin T. Popp

The Winslow family has been vampire slayers for centuries and knows how vampires are created. When a human is bitten by the legendary Chupacabra, the venom from the bite kills the victim and brings him back to life as a vampire. When there is not enough venom in the animal’s bite the human becomes a half vampire or changeling with all the advantages of a vampire and very few of the disadvantages.

When Jessica Winslow is chasing a vampire in the park she is stopped by Detective John Boehler who thinks she is crazy carrying a sword and intending to use it. He locks her up but before he can get some information from her, Simon Brody, who walked away a free man from a murder trial, is found killed in the park with John’s badge near him. Because of the threats he made against Simon, John is suspended. He frees Jessica and takes her to his cousin’s home where he admits that he knows the rash of killings of criminals is the work of the vampire. He wants to help them in their fight but first they must stake Simon before he turns and kills indiscriminately just like he did in life. They fail and he develops an obsession for Jessica, a notion that fills John with fear because he cares deeply for her. When she goes to New Orleans to investigate a house filled with chupacabra, John follows her as does Simon.
This is the third book in Robin Popps' Night Slayer series. I have not read the previous installments but fortunately while the series shares a common background each novel stands on its own. Both of the main characters are engaging and well-realized and the vampire mythology surrounding the Chupacabras is fresh and different from many of the genre stereotypes. The action is fast and frequent and overall the story quite satisfying.

Recommended for a leisurely afternoon read. I have the next book in the series, Lord of the Night on my shelf and will review it in the near future.

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