Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tarrying with a Tardis

Heard about this today over on BoingBoing and just had to share. Apparently in Britain they have a website devoted to Garden sheds and not only that they have a National Shed Week. As the website says - "Welcome to, this website is about garden sheds. National Shed week starts on July 7th."

The website is running a "Shed of the Year" contest and believe it or not so far among the entires there are 22 Tardis garden sheds. You heard right. Twenty-two freakin' Doctor Who Tardis garden sheds. The mind boggles. And consider further that only a small percentage of people with garden sheds probably enter the competition. So imagine, there may be hundreds or even thousands of Tardises (Tardi?) spread around British gardens. Now thats a tribute to a scifi show.

Check out their Tardis page here.

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