Tuesday, July 8, 2008

SciFi Cinema

A few items of interest I have come across this week.

Lost Footage of Metropolis Found
Apparently 20-25 minutes of lost footage for the Fritz Lang film Metropolis (1927) was found in Argentina recently. The footage is mostly of scenes involving secondary characters. With this find it seems there is only about 5 minutes of the original film to be still be located. Restoration is said to likely take years as the footage is not in great shape.

Link to Edmonton Journal article.
German newspaper Die Zeit has an article online with a gallery of images from the recovered print.

The Next Big Thing After Battlestar Galactica
Brian Sullivan over at The Futon Critic has profiled a 2008-9 Fox scifi show called Virtuality that is in development that he absolutely is hyped about. As it is in development there is of course no guarantee it will make it to air but it does sound intriguing. The full profile can be found here.

The Day the Earth Stood Still - Again
The 1951 classic film is being remade with Keannu Reeves filling Michael Rennie's shoes. Already the movie is in trouble. Michael Rennie brought a certain gravitas to the role of Klaatu, while Keannu is quite likely the most wooden actor of the last 20 years. Should'nt he be playing the role of Gort given his range of expression (or non-expression)?

The last decade has seen a rash of remakes of classic scifi films including Planet of the Apes, The Time Machine, War of the Worlds and most recently The Omega Man (I Am Legend). None of these hold a candle to the originals. What part of "classic" don't they comprehend. Unless there is a compelling way to re-tell the original stories, to show something new, then they are doomed from the start. Unfortunately it is the recognition factor and money to be made that drives Hollywood. Check out the trailer and see what you think.


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