Monday, July 28, 2008

"Inda" by Sherwood Smith

I originally saw this book at Chapters as a hardcover and was intrigued by its cover art, but as I find hardcovers very cumbersome to read (and somewhat pricey for the experience!) I awaited the paperback. Months later, when it became available, I made the purchase without even a prior check of the customer reviews on (something I don't often do - which when later checked were between 4 and 5 stars).

Basically, I enjoyed the book. It moved along well. I liked how the characters are very realistic in their motivations i.e. the bad guys are not really all that evil, the evil coming from their distorted world views and decisions. Most of the antagonists see themselves as rather benign.

"Inda" was the first Sherwood Smith novel I had read and there was one criticism I have about character names which was somewhat fixed in the second book in the series "The Fox" (see the "The Fox" review on this site). Within the book the country of the protagonist Inda has two languages; one used in war and the other in peacetime. This can get confusing when new characters are introduced or when characters are brought back into the story line as they are alternatively introduced with either their war titles, war names, peace titles, peace names or even nicknames. Definitively a recipe for confusion and it impacts the flow of the reading.

Still though, "Inda" is a good read and I will definitely continue with this series.

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