Monday, July 28, 2008

"The Fox" by Sherwood Smith

"The Fox" is the sequel to "Inda". The second in a promising series of books.

One of the threads throughout this novel is leadership. The ability to make command decisions, inspire loyalty and create successful outcomes. The main character Inda is a natural born leader and many of the characters around him realize their lack in this regard reflected in Inda's abilities. They see that Inda does not seek to have the leadership role, but his understanding of what's required in any given situation always brings him to the forefront. With this realization comes growth and as the story and the series progresses you can see the characters around Inda becoming more independent and leaders in their own right.

I found the "The Fox" less irritating than "Inda" with regards to character names. Within Inda's home country each character has both too many titles and names. This is less of a problem in the second book because most of the action in this book is not in Inda's home country and, as well, because Sherwood uses the nicknames established in Inda to better describe characters as she re-introduces them into the story i.e. in comes such-in-such, Cama's father.

At one point, inexplicably, Sherwood tells the story from one point of view for a paragraph or two then switches to another point of view and proceeds to go back and forth for an entire chapter. I am not sure why there was this break in style, but it was disconcerting and thankfully only showed up within the one chapter.

A couple of times she describes executions as the accused being shot or lined up against the wall which I immediately visualized as involving guns which are not part of Inda's world. A small point, but it interrupted the flow.

Still all-in-all "The Fox" was an enjoyable read and I look forward to the continuing saga of Inda.

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