Monday, July 14, 2008

“Dark of the Moon” by Susan Krinard

His iron hand once kept the warring vampire clans of decadent 1920s New York from one another's throats. But now, outcast from his own kind, Dorian Black haunts the back alleys of the city alone.… Until the night he meets reporter Gwen Murphy and feels something stir within him for the first time in centuries.

Gwen has stumbled upon the story of a lifetime—a mysterious cult of blood drinkers—and she'll do anything to uncover the truth and make her mark…despite the danger. Unaware of Dorian's involvement and sensing his loneliness, she offers him kindness and friendship—and eventually, her heart.

But in order to protect Gwen, Dorian will soon be forced to do the unthinkable.…

In this follow up novel to last years Chasing Midnight, Susan Krinard again returns to her world of the strigoi (vampires) in 1920’s Manhattan. Gwen Murphy intrepid reporter for the Sentinel is investigating some dockside murders that resemble deaths attributed to a “blood cult” using notes left to her by her deceased father. Gwen is rescued by Dorian a former enforcer for the now dead strigoi crime boss of the city. A turfwar is taking place between two surviving factions and a third unknown secret strigoi society called the Pax is manipulating everyone.

Gwen is slowly drawn into the world of the strigoi and in a bid for mutual survival and in the face of overwhelming odds Dorian is forced to “Convert” Gwen. A story of betrayal, love and mystery, set in a simpler time provides an entertaining blend for this paranormal romance.

Terrible cover art but the book is recommended.

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