Friday, June 27, 2008

A Little Beach Reading

Looking for a deep and insightful review? Not going to find it here - at least today. Just a quick take on todays book. In the burgeoning genre of paranormal romance fiction there is a vast range of writing styles and themes as of course there is in any genre - from the dark intense fantasies to the light romantic comedies. So taking a mental holiday my most recent read was Mary Janice Davidson's Undead and Uneasy - Book 6 in her Queen Betsy Vampire series.

Potty-mouthed Queen Betsy in this installment is entertaining as always as she prepares for her wedding. But as the wedding draws near all of her friends, room-mates and even the groom mysteriously disappear. Betsy's solving of the mystery seems to come a but to abruptly but nevertheless, this is a quick beach-read. Recommended for a little escapism and the quirky, snappy dialogue.

If you are a fan, the next installment is previewed at the back of the book and I believe it is already available in hardcover.


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